Vehicle Data API

The modern lightweight vehicle API for the United Kingdom.

An enterprise-grade REST API platform available for one set monthly fee.



Simply send a GET request to our API with your API token.

curl -X POST
    -H "Authorization: Bearer {your_api_token}"
    -d "vrm=gm21krj"


You'll receive a response in JSON format.

    "status": true,
    "response": {
        "vrm": "GM21KRJ",
        "make": "TESLA",
        "model": "MODEL 3 LONG RANGE AWD",
        "year_of_manufacture": "2021",
        "first_registered": "2021-06"
        "fuel_type": "Electric",
        "primary_colour": "Black",
        "co2_emissions": 0,
        "engine_capacity": 0,
        "exported": false,
        "mot_stauts": "No results returned",
        "mot_expiry_date": "2024-06-24"
        "tax_status": "Taxed",
        "tax_expiry_date": "2023-06-01"
        "type_approval": "M1",
        "last_v5c_issued": "2021-06-25",
        "wheel_plan": "2 AXLE RIGID BODY",
        "mot_history": {
            "status": false,
            "response": "This vehicle hasn't had it's first MOT."